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Multifunctional Module MOUVON MFM

MOUVON-MFM is an intelligent controller that has been designed to control tree-phase electric motors with power 1 - 250kW.



The analogue inputs PhR_CurrMeas and Ph_R measure the current and the voltage of one of the phases. The input signals are received from a voltage step-down isolation transformer (220/15V) and from a current transformer (Ix/0,5A). The incoming values serve as an indicator for the trouble-free operation of the motor and for the calculation of the consumed power.
The analogue output Curr_Out is included for the frequency control of the motor (which requires input signal of 4-20mA for the motor speed).
The inputs Ph_R, Ph_S and Ph_T are detecting the failure of phases and ensuring the correct phase sequence (R – S - T). The logic blocs built into each device indicate if one (or more) phases fail or the phase sequence of the motor is incorrect.
The input Dig_In - A is included for starting the motor manually (which is controlled according to the technological tasks by built-in software).
The input Dig_in – B is motor status feedback.
Initiation of the motor is controlled by a digital output Dig_Out signal through a contactor (or an interstitial  relay).


Technical data

  • Processor: Еchelon® FT3150-P20 (Neuron Chip); 10 MHz.
  • Memory:
    • up to 42kB SRAM buffer memory with battery backed-up power supply; 
    • up to 42kB FLASH.
    • The memory space can be re-configured according to the user’s requirements regarding the volume and the type of the memory. 
  • Built-in additional memory (optional)  Serial EEPROM/Serial FLASH, capacity of 128kB and 1 000 000 E/W cycles.
  • Real time clock (optional).
  • Built-in indications for:
    • Power supply            - Power_ON LED
    • Service- and Wink- conditions-     - Service Pin & LED
    • Network’s communication    - Rx ; Tx
    • Network’s integrity        - Normal ; Alert condition
  • Network’s interface: LonWorks® Free Topology/ FT-X1 ; 78,1kbps.
  • Power supply: Vs = 8V – 24V AC/DC; Is ? 50mA;
  • Temperature: -40 ? 85?C, operating and non-operting;
  • Protection class: IP20
  • Functions
    • Аnalogue inputs: 3
      • 12bit voltage/frequency tranformer;
      • 839 ms measurement time for every one chanel.
        AI_1 – direct input: up 0 to + 2,5V or ± 2,5V  (possibly temperature measurement up –40°C to +125°C by TMP36 Analog Devices’ sensor)  
        AI_2 – input: ± 25,0V AC/DC 0Hz – 1000Hz (fixed range with pre-tuning possibility)
        AI_3 – input: ± 0,5V AC/DC 0Hz – 1000Hz (fixed range with pre-tuning possibility).
      • Аnalogue outputs: 1
        АО_1 – voltage output: 4 – 20mA or 0 – 20mA (according to the requirements); Resolution: 8/16 bit; Passive (with an external power supply  +36V max.); Load resistivity:  RL ? 1,5k?.
        The device has an errors’ light indicator (such as: the max. value of the output voltage at 20mA  coudn’t be reached because of lack of  power or because of exceeding the max. resistance of charge value as well  the resistance of the wires).
      • Digital inputs: 5
        Inlet voltage: +5V - +36V (protected against polarity change of the input signal ).
        DI_1; DI_2 – potentional additional inputs;
        DI_3; DI_4; DI_5 – impulse inputs (reaction of impulses  fmin = 10Hz);
        DI_3, DI_4, DI_5 – could be transformed into inputs by request.
      • Digital outputs: 1
        DО_1 – a powerful digital output for remote control of an active or inductive charge (contactor);
        +24DC ? UL ? +36V DC ; IL ? 2A DC in uninterrupted regime of work.
        The output is protected against voltage spikes in the course of an inductive charge use.



The module has been designed for a cabinet installation, on a standard DIN rail.

(W x H x D) 79 x 25 x 91 mm