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Software Package



This package has been designed for automatic control of different technological processes and it includes two products: CREON PROJECT and CREON APPLICATION both working under all WINDOWS versions.

CREON PROJECT is the instrument for description of the system, subject to automation. Technological process actual control is accomplished by CREON APPLICATION using the database created by CREON PROJECT.



CREON operates under three basic modes:

  • Exclusive Control,
  • Supervisor,
  • Monitor.

When process control is accomplished under Exclusive Control mode algorithm implementation and feedback are accomplished by CREON. Object connection is provided via specialized I/O blocks, or via respective ports of the programmable industrial controllers depending on system architecture. Process control functions in Supervisor or Monitor mode are realized by the industrial controllers while CREON is used as a high-quality process monitor, registrator and visualiser.

Main Features:

  • Several CREON-based various process control applications, running simultaneously,
  • object-oriented approach during project development,
  • graphical description of algorithms,
  • built-in set of often used complex algorithms,
  • software drum sequencer,
  • batch-mode processing,
  • trend/archive curve representation,
  • project debugger availability,
  • easy connection to various remote i/o blocks (PLCs),
  • built-in LonWorks network communication driver and a specialized MOUVON module dialog support,
  • alarm event procedure opportunities,
  • high reliability via computer redundancy,
  • industry-standard high-quality graphical interface,
  • 2-dimensional animation in process development,
  • more functional: short project development period,
  • no special knowledge required for command of the software.