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The Universal Gateway functions as an electric harmonizer and information transferer (commands and data) between a LonWorks industrial network and any remote system with EIA-232C (RS-232C) interface.



Typical applications include:

  • Network modules functioning integration with programmable controllers, intelligent sensors and actuators;
  • Different type industrial networks transition;
  • LonWorks network monitoring (supervision and control) using a standard PC with a suitable software.

The two-processor module includes:

  • a built-in LonWorks node and an interface block supporting communication with the remote systems and messages transformation (LonTalk and user's protocol commands and data exchange).:
  • The LonWorksв node is based on Neuronв 3150 Chip (5 or 10 MHz). The specialized network software has been separated from the user's software for which the independent ROM-memory (UVEPROM, EEPROM, or FLASH according to the option) with 16/32 KB capacity has been provided. A 28 KB buffer memory (CMOS SRAM with battery backed-up power supply) enables asynchronous data processing by the network processor and network support of the applications. The network exchange is provided by FTT-10A transceiver via a twisted pair at 78 kbit/s frequency.
  • The interface block has been designed as a second module built-in independent 8-bit computer with MC68HC11 processor, 32KB software memory (optional type) and 28 KB buffer operative memory (CMOS SRAM with battery backed-up power supply). The serial communication with the remote system is supported by a standard EIA-232C interface, velocity 1200 up to 38.4 kbit/s.
  • Easy connection between the two functional units of the module is provided by a 4 KB common DualPort SRAM with protected read/write function.
  • Power supply: external source, 12-42 V DC/AC, or 220 V AC.

Modifications offered:

  • MOUVON GW / М - LonTalk® / Modbus RTU Protocol Converter;
  • MOUVON GW / Y - LonTalk® / York Talk Protocol Converter;
  • MOUVON GW / C - LonTalk® / Carrier Data Link Protocol Converter;
  • MOUVON GW / S - LonTalk® / Serial Link (EIA-232) Protocol Converter;


The module has been designed for a cabinet installation, on a standard DIN rail.

(W x H x D) 79 x 25 x 91 mm